1. Dress Appropriately

This one sounds obvious, but I don’t only mean dressing for the cold. If you go in and out often, you may want to consider a clothing article with a zipper. You can easily adjust your temperature for inside and outside. A good pair of gloves also can’t be overlooked.

2. Have Access to your Snow Shovel and Sidewalk Salt

It’s easy to forget the small details on moving day, but sometimes those tiny details can make the day go smoothly. One of those details you want to ensure you don’t forget is access to snow removal equipment. You wouldn’t want to have to rearrange your garage to be able to clean the snow and ice off of your sidewalk, so make sure those tools are easily accessible!

3. Don’t Pack your Thermos

You’ll probably want something warm to drink if you move on a cold day. It could even get chilly inside your home with movers coming in and out all day. You may want to make sure your favorite warm drink container is easily accessible and not in the bottom of a box somewhere!

4. Have a Mat to Wipe Shoes at the Entrance

It’s unrealistic to take off your shoes every time you come inside on moving day, and if there is snow outside, there will be snow inside. To help minimize this, make sure you leave at least one floor mat unpacked; that way, everyone assisting you can reduce the footprints they leave in your home.

5. Don’t Forget that the Days are Short

If you aren’t expecting your move to take very long, you may be tempted to sleep in getting started in the afternoon. It is important to remember that the sun sets early in winter, and if you put it off too long, there may have to be some work and driving in the dark.

Hopefully, following these tips will make your winter moving experience as simple and stress-free as possible. You can’t control the weather, but it is possible to be prepared enough that bad weather won’t prevent you from having a great moving day!