Last Minute Packing Guide

A couple things to remember:

  1. It’s ok to have things left on your list of to-dos
  2. Try not to buy groceries this week unless you absolutely have to.
  3. Moving will happen!
  4. If you are truly overwhelmed and have the means to hire professional packers, you may want to consider that option.

Packing – Day 1

If not utilizing professional packers, remember there is time but not as much as when you first booked your move. When thinking about packing, the very first thing to do, even before you get boxes is to go through your belongings and get rid of the excess. Go through each room and get rid of things you no longer need, no longer like, or no longer use. Then, once you are done, take your excess to a local charity or your nearest Goodwill. If you take the time to do this step, you will help yourself in ways you never imagined!

Packing – Day 2-3

Let’s get boxes. Most people will use 20 small boxes, 19 medium boxes, 18 large boxes, 10 dish packs, and 7 wardrobe boxes. Remember, grab a sharpie, tape and packing paper too! We suggest going room by room so things do not get overwhelming. A great place to start is bedrooms. If you can get bedrooms all done on Day 2, look to get bathrooms and closets done on Day 3. Label all your boxes by what’s in them and where you want them to go in your next home. If you are utilizing Blue Cow Moving and Storage for your moving day, you can leave all your clothing in dressers!

Packing – Day 4

We suggest saving the living areas until Day 4. With your bedrooms and bathrooms completed, you will be working from the inside out. As with your items in the bedrooms and bathrooms, make certain you properly label boxes for your living room!

Packing – Day 5

Now that you have your bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and living areas completed, you will get to tackle the kitchen! Kitchens are fairly easy, in that they are mostly dishes and cookware. One thing to keep in mind is that you may have food in your pantry and fridge you need to take with you or donate. Ask neighbors if they could use any of your food, or look into your local food pantry. If you do pack everything up in the kitchen, plan to eat out, eat with a friend, or use up your leftover food. Buy or use up disposables for the weekend and first week in your new home.

Packing – Day 6

You finished the inside, now move to your garage and storage shed. Any items in these places that need to be packed up should be packed now. If you have any tool chests or gun safes, make sure the weight has been specified.


Although no one ever means to find themselves in a scramble-pack situation, it happens quite often with our full lives. This day guide serves as a jumping off point for you to hopefully feel more ready for your moving day. Remember, packing is not hard, but packing is time-consuming. A full week to pack should give more than enough time to get it all done! If you do need professional packing service, check with our team of packers! We would love to help get this all done a day or two before your move if that is what you need!