Blue Cow Moving & Storage has compiled a list of reminders for moving day that should help keep everyone safe. Many of these are common sense tips, but hopefully, a few things in this list can assist you in your upcoming move.

  1. Be Mindful of Ice. Use salt or sand to provide traction if walking on ice is unavoidable.
  2. Use Proper Lifting Techniques. Bend your legs, not your back. Keep your legs about shoulder-width apart. Don’t try anything you aren’t comfortable with!
  3. Unplug appliances/machines before disassembling them. This step is often forgotten. Step 1 in disassembly is always to unplug.
  4. Turn the water off before disconnecting a waterline. This step is crucial if a tool is required to shut off the water.
  5. Don’t “Overdo” it. Take a break every once and a while. The boxes aren’t going anywhere! Stay hydrated.
  6. Wear Good Shoes. Especially if there are slippery conditions, but always a good idea. Keep your shoes tied. Wipe your shoes on a mat when you enter the house if it is wet outside.
  7. Prop Doors Open. It is much easier to carry items when the door is already open.
  8. Have more ratchet straps and bungee cords than you think you need. These can be very useful in safely loading the truck. They are generally cheap, so buying extras is a good idea!
  9. Count (Stair) Steps. Sometimes when carrying something, you can’t look down and see if there are more steps. You can avoid this problem if you know how many steps there are.
  10. Don’t Overfill Boxes. Having the bottom of a box break open can be dangerous while carrying it.
  11. Never Trust a Guard Rail. Sometimes it is convenient to lean on things while carrying something heavy; you should never do this with a guard rail. Sometimes they are not strong enough to hold the extra weight.
  12. Keep the Paths Clear. Don’t set anything down in high-traffic areas. Try to keep conversations and people clear of the moving path as well.
  13. Walk slower than you think you need to. This is especially true if you are carrying something with someone else. Also, go extra slowly through a doorway so you don’t bump anything.
  14. Make sure you know what you are carrying. Sometimes things are wrapped up, and you can’t tell what you have. This is generally not a good idea since certain things must be moved a certain way. (i.e., needs to stay upright). This also applies to boxes, so you should label them.
  15. Remove “feet”/“legs” from furniture items. This makes it much easier to fit things through tight halls and doorways without damaging anything.
  16. Have designated areas for children and pets. This helps keep the walkway clear and everyone safe.
  17. Double-check the moving truck before you take off. Observe what is loaded and see if anything could fall over. When the door is closed, double-check that it is latched so that the door can’t fly open during transit.